IEEE-1284 Cable/Connector Info

The mezzanine-CSM cable will probably have one of these 36-pin connectors on at least the mezzanine board end. The CSM end is unknown at this time since we have been unable to convene a meeting of the relevant people to discuss it.

Here are some photos and sketches of the connectors.
rtang_recept.jpg rtang_recept.jpg Right Angle Receptacle (used on Rev G prototype Mezz-lite boards)
straight_view.jpg straight_view.jpg Detail view of connector entry
vertical_recept.jpg vertical_recept.jpg Vertical connector
vert_plug.jpg vert_plug.jpg Vertical connector with plug installed.
mdr36_backshell.pdf mdr36_backshell.pdf Sketch showing connectors to scale with available space on endcap chamber

Here are links to various manufacturers data on the connectors:

Molex 52316 Series
AMP 2-175677-5 or Series Search for 0.8mm, .050, .085 Centerline Miniature Ribbon Connectors (CHAMP)
3M MDR .050
Harting Alleged P/N 60-13-036-5200. No info I could find on-line.

Here is some detailed info about the IEEE-1284 standard which these connectors are "normally" used for:
Winn L. Rosch Hardware Bible, Electronic Edition, Chapter 19